Waukesha Pump Parts Identification? Here is What We Need to Help You.

March 21, 2014
Even Waukesha Pumps Require Periodic Maintenance

Even Waukesha Pumps Require Periodic Maintenance

Waukesha Universal PD pumps are the workhorse of the sanitary process industry as well as many other industries.  Over several decades they have proven their resilience, handling some of the harshest applications.  But even Waukesha pumps require periodic maintenance and that usually entails replacing some of the wear parts.  While some parts are easily identifiable using a Waukesha parts list, some are not.  Most o rings and seals look pretty much identical even though they may be made from different materials.  If the wrong material is put into the pump it can lead to premature failure.  Nobody wants that.

We get many calls and e mails daily requesting Waukesha pump parts.  Many clients know exactly what they want, but many do not.  For a myriad of reasons, they may not know exactly what is in their Waukesha pump.  Our sales engineers love a good mystery and are very adept at helping customers identify how their pump is configured and specifying the correct parts.  We wanted to use this post to list the information we normally request to help get you the correct parts for your Waukesha PD pump.

  1.  Serial Number:  Knowing the pumps serial number solves most mysteries right away.  We have online access to Waukesha’s pump database.  This information will tell us exactly how the pump was configured when it left the factory.  Things may have changed since then, but it is a good start.  Serial numbers are 6 or 7 digits (often with a series or “0’s” or the year of manufacture in there) and found in three spots on the pump- the cover, the pump body, and the gear case. Even if you have part of the serial number it may be of help.
  2. Model Number:  Having the correct model number of the pump can be a big help.  It will at least let us know the size of the pump and whether it is a Waukesha Model U1 or U2.
  3. Pictures:  If you don’t know the answer to the questions 1 and 2 send us a picture.  We can normally identify the Waukesha model and size from that.
  4. Did you buy your Waukesha Pump from us? If you did we can go back though our internal database and normally determine the correct pump and its configuration.
  5. Have you bought Waukesha parts for this pump from us before?  See question 4.
  6. Do your now the seal and elastomer materials you are currently using?  If you do,  we can help identify the correct part numbers.  If you don’t know, give us a description of your application and we can help identity the correct Waukesha parts.
The Nameplate on the Waukesha Pump Shows the Model and Serial Number

The Nameplate on the Waukesha Pump Shows the Model and Serial Number. If We Have That, We Can Determine the Correct Parts for Your Pump

So there you have it.  If you can answer 1 or more of the questions listed above, we can probably get you a list of the correct parts you need for your Waukesha pump.  If you already know exactly what you need but don’t have a parts list, you can download what you need from our website.  But if you are not sure, contact one of our sales engineers for assistance.  Like I said, we love a good mystery.