New Adapter Allows the Use of NA-Connect™ Ports for Instruments When You Do Not Have Extra Ingold Ports

September 30, 2009

Have you run out of Ingold fitting ports on your probe belt?  Do you have an extra NA-Connect™ port?  Then we have may have a solution for you for adding additional instruments to your process vessel.

Holland Applied Technologies has developed a sanitary fitting that will connect to a standard NA-Connect™ fitting on the side of you vessel so that you can add another instrument.  The fitting is machined to give the instrument a 15 degree down angle into your vessel.  This allows successful addition of DO sensors, PH sensors and other analytical instruments.

Machined from 316 stainless steel bar stock, the fitting can be polished to 15RA and electropolished to your specifications.  The fitting will come with full documentation including MTR’s, electropolish certs, and certificates of conformance for the 0—rings.  The fitting is manufactured to use standard Tri-Clamp gaskets so there are no special gaskets needed.

The fittings come with two o-rings, in the UPS Class VI material of your choice, to seal the process media from the outside world.  This also allows the instrument to be guided through the fitting, minimizing the chance for damage to the instrument during insertion.

This specialized fitting will give you more options to add instruments to you vessel, even if you run out of Ingold fittings ports on your probe belt.