NEW! AseptiQuik® Offers Sterile Fluid Transfer Even in Non-Sterile Environments

January 22, 2013
Asptiquik 1

The Aseptiquik Sterile Connector Comes in Two Versions; The Aseptiquik X for Larger Sizes and the Aseptiquik S for Smaller Sizes

We’re very excited to offer the new AseptiQuik® line of connectors, featuring intuitive designs and robust construction for increased sterile connection flexibility. Ideal for sterile fluid transfer applications that require a secure connection between two single-use assemblies, AseptiQuik® is available in two formats: AseptiQuik® X for large flow applications and AseptiQuik S for small flow applications.

AseptiQuik® X is a 1” sterile connector allowing for the quick and easy sterile transfer of large volumes of media, even in non-sterile environments. Its intuitive “TWIST-PULL-TWIST” connection process was designed to reduce the risk of operator error. Membrane pull tabs and integrated lock rings provide additional security, with the “Colder Click” supplying audible confirmation of completed assembly.

AseptiQuik® S sterile connectors are available in either 1/8” or 1/4” options, and also employ an intuitive three-step connection process to reduce the risk of operator error: “FLIP-CLICK-PULL.”  Their genderless design eases single-use systems specifications, with one part number for both halves.  Integrated pull tab covers reduce part complexity and, like in the larger X version, ensure simultaneous removal of both membranes.  Also like the X connector, AseptiQuik® S supplies a reassuring “Colder Click.”

AseptiQuik® connectors are manufactured by Colder Products, one of the companies we represent here at Holland Applied Technologies. For more information about AseptiQuik® options, Colder Products, or Holland’s other sterile processing solutions, contact us today.