New Waukesha Universal Series Pump Seals Prevent Leaks

October 13, 2012

A New Narrow Face Pump Seal has been recently introduced by Holland Applied

Waukesha Universal II Pumps

Technologies.   The new seal is designed to fit into existing and new Waukesha Universal II pumps and is constructed of Tungsten Carbide.  The Narrow Face Seal is designed to keep product from building up on the face of the seal which can then lead to leakage and eventual seal failure in positive displacement pumps.

Many customers in the food industry struggle with sticky products that tend to build up on the seal faces.  Some customer may be able to use a double flushed seal to prevent build up however other customers are not able to use a flush because of possible contamination or product integrity.  Customers pumping chocolate or oils cannot use a flushed double seal so the single mechanical Narrow Face seal can be used as an alternative to help prevent seal leakage.

When pumps are idle with product inside, standard seals will often stick together.  When the pump begins running again the seal is shattered.  These New Narrow Face Seals prevent the stationary seal from sticking to the rotary seal and therefore do not shatter or crack when the pump begins running again.

Please contact Holland Applied Technologies at 800-800-8464  for more information.