Product Focus – Quattroflow QF30SU: Single-Use Pump for Low Flow Rates

May 31, 2019

As an OEM for PSG Dover’s Quattroflow product line, Holland Applied Technologies is excited to announce the addition of the QF30SU Single-Use Diaphragm Pump to the Quattroflow Single Use Product line. As the leading brand of quaternary diaphragm pumps, the Quattroflow series of pumps has been one of our offerings that continues to innovate by offering our biopharmaceutical customers scalability, flexibility, and performance that traditional product offerings can’t match. Today, we will look at their latest product offering, the QF30SU, which has been developed for lower flow rates in single-use applications.


Quattroflow QF30SU

Until very recently, the Quattroflow single-use pumps have been available in the QF150SU, QF1200SU, QF4400SU, QF5050SU, and the QF20kSU sizes. Quattroflow has now extended its Single-Use product line to the lower end. Featuring a flow range from 0.06 to 30 lph, the new QF30SU is the ideal solution for your pharmaceutical and biotech applications requiring a lower flow rate that the QF150SU couldn’t quite reach.

Retrofittable on both QF150S (Multiple Use) and QF150SU (Single Use) drives, the QF30SU pump features a disposable polypropylene (PP) wetted pump chamber with tool-free installation. Offering a small footprint with a high turndown ratio at 500:1, the QF30SU pump is ideally suited for lab and low flow applications such as chromatography, TFF and virus filtration operations.

While the maximum motor speed of a QF150 drive is 3000 rpm, the QF30 has a proportional (linear) motor speed to flow characteristic that goes up to 1000 rpm. At higher motor speeds, the flow characteristic (performance curve) starts to flatten. The brushless single phase, 230V (110V as option) 90W motor drives that are standard with the QF150 drives can be changed to limit the motor speed to 1000 rpm.

The QF30SU polypropylene pump head features 4 mm (1/8”) hose barb connectors. All soft parts are fully characterized, made of USP Class VI materials with extractable and leachable reports available. Available accessories for the QF30SU include a power box, diaphragm sensor and PID pressure controller.
With the new QF30SU, the Quattroflow series of pumps now cover a range of flow rates from 1 lph with the QF30SU to 16000 lph with the QF20kSU. For any questions about your next biopharmaceutical application or to see if any of the Quattroflow series of pumps is right for you, feel free to contact a Holland Sales Engineer.