CH Series Sanitary Pipe and Tube Hangers



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The innovative CH Series sanitary pipe and tube hangers design was developed with the input of engineers, contractors, end users. These dynamic sanitary pipe hangers answer industry concerns, while incorporating several contractor time-saving benefits. The tension ring connection allows the clamp bodies to self adjust, independent of the hanging rod, to the tubes slope. This attribute reduces internal stress on the tube, as well as eliminating an entire step during slope adjustment. The combined use of the CH support and a telescopic stanchion permits line adjustment in the x, y and z axis’s. The ability to make these adjustments, while the sanitary tube hanger is secured to the tubing, eliminates the step of retesting the slope after the hangers have been mounted. What could prove to be biggest saver is these are packaged and installed as a one piece unit. No loose parts and wasted time gathering pieces and assembling components on ladders and space restricted areas. These benefits ultimately create a quality job.

Behringer’s CH series tube and pipe sanitary hangers are 100% ASME/BPE 2014 compliant while conforming to specification SD- This means the CH series sanitary hangers have a rounded geometry and will adjust to accommodate operating conditions such as thermal expansion, thermal cycling, and other distortions while maintaining the required pitch alignment.