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Aflex Pharmaline N is a unique, genuinely smooth bore PTFE lined hose product, based on the same patented PTFE hose liner design developed for Aflex Bioflex hose. Pharmaline N is designed to overcome the very poor flexibility of silicone rubber covered smooth bore PTFE hose products. Aflex Pharmaline N is also designed to offer a replacement for silicone rubber hose providing much better chemical resistance and steam resistance much improved ease of cleaning. Pharmaline N hose assemblies are manufactured in ‘clean room’ conditions and meet USP VI, FDA and all other specification requirements. Aflex Pharmaline N includes a stainless steel wire braid to reinforce the hose construction against internal pressure and mechanical abuse in applications which require this. Pharmaline’s N braid is covered with an extruded, pure white silicone rubber with a smooth, easy-clean surface finish.

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