Some Advantages of Single-Use Technology for Contract Manufacturers

January 11, 2010

With the ever increasing pressure for Biotech and Pharma firms to get their products to market faster, Single Use Technology is helping allow these firms to achieve their goal.  Holland Applied Technologies has increased its presence in the Single Use Technology over the past 3-5 years to help its customers achieve many goals.  We have listed just some of the advantages of Single Use Technology below. 

Hynetics Single-Use Mixing System

  1. Storage – Many End Users are requiring dedicated tanks for each their products.  As a contract manufacturer, tanks need to be purchased and then stored after use.  With Single Use Technology including mixing bag systems and bioreactor systems, manufacturers no longer require large storage facilities for vessels/systems that may only be used a few times per year. 
  2. New vessels are not needed for each product – In some cases, one or multiple stainless steel vessels need to be purchased for each product a manufacturer may be formulating.  Each stainless vessel will have a considerable up-front capital cost.  A Contract Manufacturer can save the capital cost of buying new stainless steel vessels each time by purchasing one Single Use System.  For example, a stainless steel vessel may cost $30K, while a Single Use Mixing System may cost $50K, but the stainless steel vessel can only be used for manufacturing one product, while the Single Use System can be used for numerous products and numerous end users.  Huge savings can be claimed by not having to purchase multiple tanks for each end user/product.
  3. Cleaning/Validation costs – Single Use Technology allows any manufacturer to bypass the costs associated with Cleaning Validation
  4. Speeding Time to Market – Single Use Technology allows a manufacturer to decrease the time to market.   Many new stainless steel vessels may take 10-20 weeks or longer to fabricate.  Single Use Technology allows a manufacturer to take a bag from the shelf and be manufacturing in hours/days.  No more waiting on new vessels for each new product.  Simply take a new bag from the shelf and start running.

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