APV Centrifugal Pump Offerings- Reintroducing an Industry Leader

October 9, 2013
APV W+ Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

APV W+ Sanitary Centrifugal Pump

Centrifugal Pump Offerings

The APV W+ has been an industry leader for several decades. While it shares many features with its sanitary centrifugal counterparts, such as 3A and EHEDG approval, it incorporates many design features that separate from its competitors. Features and benefits of the W+ product lines include, but are not limited to:

– A wide and comprehensive product offering that allows users to select the most efficient pump for their application.
– Front loading seal design. This seal design not only allows for visual inspection of seal leakage, but also incorporates advanced seal chamber designed. This design maximizes seal face lubrication and cooling, while dissipating heat. Both reduce the risk of dry running.
– While competitors front loading seal design places seal components in the product zone, the stationary spring in the W+ line of pumps is outside of product zone, maximizing sanitation and hygiene.
– The front-loading seal allows for easy maintenance- only the pump housing and impeller need to be removed to change the seal.
– The W+ can be easily converted to double seal arrangements, allowing the use of flushing media or creation of an aseptic barrier.
– While being a superior seal design, the W+ seal design is also ubiquitous. In fact, two sizes shaft/seal sizes cover the entire W+ product range (with the exception of the W+ 50/600). This minimizes the number of spare parts that need to be kept on hand.
– The complete W series product line is stocked and supported by Holland and SPX out of Delevan Wisconsin, minimizing lead times and allowing for quick parts turn around.

The APV Wi+ line of pumps is a takeoff from the tried and true design of the W+ product lines. The Wi+ incorporates an inducer to minimize net positive suction head required. This makes it useful for applications using aerated products and CIP return. By reducing the net positive suction head available, the Wi+ reduces the number one killer of centrifugal pumps- cavitation and dry running. By boosting inlet pressure, the Wi+ becomes the go to pump when pumping hot fluids with low vapor pressures. By eliminating cavitation, the Wi+ is able to operate, quietly, efficiently, and smoothly.

The inducer screw is mounted on the standard W+ shaft and leverages the user’s familiarity with the W+ design. This again minimizes the number of spare parts that need to be stocked.

The Ws+ is one of the only self-priming sanitary centrifugal pumps on the market. The shaft-mounted eccentric airscrew creates a liquid ring required for self-priming and to prevent air lock. Unlike traditional liquid ring pumps, the Ws+ impeller can be trimmed to duty point requirements and enable quiet, efficient use. This makes the Ws+ the go to pump for foamy or aerated products and specifically CIP return. The Ws+, much like the Wi+ utilizes W+ seal and shaft designs to maintain operator familiarity and minimizes the number of new spare parts that need to be kept on hand.

For your next centrifugal pump application, please contact Holland sales engineers for additional information about the full line of APV centrifugal offerings. Holland sales engineers are able to use common sizing programs, such as Pump Flo, to size, specify, and provide pump curves for your applications. Our industry expertise will allow for the optimal selection for your application.
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