Pumping from Drums – Colder DrumQuik Connectors and Double Diaphragm Pumps

June 3, 2024

CPC DrumQuik Dip Tube System with a Graco Husky Double Diaphram Pump

Holland Applied Technologies has been helping customers leverage the synergy of multiple technologies for many decades. We’ve found that the only way we can be successful and help meet our customers increasingly high expectations is to prove that the products we offer intersect, not run in parallel to each other. Our product portfolio reflects this philosophy. This post will focus on two technologies we offer- CPCs DrumQuik dispensing technology and Graco’s double diaphragm pumps- and how we can use them in simple drum unloading applications.

At any given time, millions of liquid filled drums and totes are in circulation all over the world, transporting everything from edible oils and flavorings, to caustic CIP chemicals. These containers provide manufacturers efficient ways to deliver bulk liquid ingredients to end users- who transfer bulk ingredient into smaller containers or fractionate them into batches. Historically, the easiest way to transfer product from these containers has been through “open” dispensing. A spigot or wand is inserted into the container and product is transferred out. This process is messy, resulting in splashes, spills, and product loss. Fumes generated from open systems can be hazardous and product loss is costly.

To solve these challenges, CPC has introduced a new closed sealed system, the DrumQuick system. This system is composed of three main components. The first component is the dip tube assembly. This is a drum insert with a threaded plug that replaces a bung plug with a dip tube that extends to the bottom of the container. Inserts are available for a wide variety of bung thread types, as well as both steel and plastic tanks.

The Colder Drum Quik System

The Colder DrumQuik System

The second component is the coupler. The coupler, also known as the dispense head, can be easily affixed to the container. After the shipping plug is removed from the drum insert, the coupling is pressed into the drum insert, the lock ring is turned, and the DrumQuik’s integral shut off valve is engaged. You’re almost ready to pump.

From the coupling, we need to get to the pump. The liquid port on the DrumQuick can be ½” MNPT, hose barb, flare port, or BSPP. However you want to go, Holland can supply a fitting or custom hose assembly to get to your pump. An ideal hose has some sort of reinforcement or braid and should work well in a vacuum application. Hose assemblies made of Teflon, silicone, and food grade rubber are all common for these applications.

The final component in our closed drum unloading system is the pump. There are a few different pumps we can use, but our favorite for these applications is the Graco double diaphragm pump. Graco AODD pumps can run dry, are self-priming, portable, and economical. They are positive displacement pumps that can handle high differential pressures and moderately high viscosities.

Another pump option for metering applications with thin ingredients are Masterflex peristaltic pumps. Peristaltic pumps are also self-priming and when used in conjunction with a digital drive are highly accurate. Peristaltic pumps are great for ingredient dosing or caustic solution make up.

Holland can help you improve operator safety, reduce spills and clean-up time, and improve accuracy and product recovery with our closed dispensing technologies. Applications range from unloading chemical totes for CIP solution make up to mineral oil unloading and dosing in lip balm applications. Closed dispensing is ideal in any application where safe material management, fast container change out, and clean chemical transfer is required. For your next drum unloading application, contact a Holland Sales Engineer today.