Custom Sanitary Fabrication Quick Start Guide

July 10, 2024
We Made Thousands of Custom Sanitary Fabricated Components per Year

We Made Thousands of Custom Sanitary Fabricated Components per Year

We custom fabricate all sorts of sanitary process assemblies. That’s our business.  We build thousands of fabrications per year from simple sanitary spool pieces and jacketed fittings to complete sanitary manifolds pre-fabricated sanitary piping systems, and even turn key skids and modules.  In order to get you a quick, accurate proposal, there are a few common pieces of information we need.  We thought we would use this post to go over some of these items.

  1.   Can you give us a brief description of what you want built and what you are doing with it?  Even if you don’t have a drawing give us a decent description we can probably put a quote together.  If you decide to move forward, we will draw it for you.
  2. What material do you want the sanitary fabrication made from?  The most obvious choices are 304 or 316L stainless steel.  But we can also fabricate items in Titanium, AL6XN or Hastelloy.
  3. Do you have a surface finish requirement?  We have  extensive in house polishing capabilities and can build items with RA values as low as 10RA.  We need to know both the ID and OD surface finish requirements.
  4. Do you want the welds ground out and polished or left as is?  We normally can grind all of the welds, but it adds cost.
  5. Do the sanitary fabrications need to be electropolished?
  6. Do they need to be passivated?
  7. Is there a welding requirement?  Some customers want all joints to be made by computerized orbital welders.  Some do not care.  This also affects the cost.
  8. What are your documentation requirements?  We offer a fully menu of documentation for our sanitary fabrications, but many come with an added cost.  These include:
    1. Material Test Reports
    2. Positive Metal Identification (PMI)
    3. Inbound fitting/tubing inspection
    4. Weld maps/logs
    5. Welder Certs
    6. Passivation Certs
    7. Electropolish Certs
    8. Ferrite Testing Certs
Custom Jacketed Sanitary Fittings

Custom Jacketed Sanitary Fittings

So if you have all of this information up front it will speed up the quotation process and we will be able to get you a proposal faster.  If we have to track you down to get the answers it will slow the process a bit.  Once we get a proposal made and you decide to purchase you sanitary fabrication from us (Why wouldn’t you?  You seem pretty smart.), we will provide you with an approval drawing for you to review before we proceed with fabrication.  The drawing will include all of this information. The only time we wouldn’t provide a drawing is if we are working off of one yours. This isn’t because we’re lazy- we just don’t want to miss any details on your original print. If you do provide a drawing, we will clarify any issues or discrepancies we find.

Don’t worry, even if you do not have all of  this information available, we can help.  Contact one of our sales engineers.  We can walk through your application with you and make some recommendations.  We do this every day.