New Mechanical Seals Make the Votator II Even Better

May 8, 2012

In years past scraped surface heat exchangers had a very limited offering of Double Mechanical seals.  Now, SPX has enhanced the mechanical seal

Illustration of new votator rotary seal face.

New Votator Rotary Seal Face

offerings for the Votator II in 2012. This enhancement will give you the following:

  • Replacement rotary and stationary seal faces in several materials that have been added.
  • Enhanced anti-rotation feature.
  • Narrow-Face configuration for more difficult sealing applications

These modifications can provide reduced cost in parts, faster installation, and improved seal life. The new parts offering can be retrofitted to your existing Votator II, if equipped with shafts for double mechanical seals.

New Votator Stationary Seal Seat and Stationary Gland

New Votator Stationary Seal Seat and Stationary Gland

Regardless if it’s a new application or retrofitting your existing Votator II,  contact a Holland on our website or call 800-800-8464 for additional information.