Product Focus – StoneL: Valve Communication and Control

August 26, 2019

In today’s post we are going to look at our valve control top offerings .

StoneL is a global leader in process networking and valve communication for the process industries, offering a broad range of solutions that enable you to cut costs and improve performance by adopting field-based networking technology.

Quarter-Turn Applications
Axiom AN
StoneL’s Axiom AN series offers unmatched reliability by combining advanced, proven technologies with an efficient design and durable materials.

Axiom AN

Axiom AN

The Axiom AN encloses all electrical components in a compact package for a space efficient design. The automated valve spacing envelope is minimized without compromising performance or maintainability.

Designed with the user in mind, the Axiom AN offers the utmost in ease and convenience with rapid enclosure entry and easy configuration. The Wireless Link capability provides compatible devices, such as your iPhone or iPad, a secure and convenient remote access from up to 50 meters. This capability allows for many special features such as controlling hard-to-reach automated valves, monitoring valve cycle count, and remotely entering and storing key automated valve system information including user tags and maintenance logs.

Axiom AN Wireless.png

Axiom AN Wireless Link

The Eclipse features dual solid state sensors with optional communications neatly integrated into a sealed module. The function module and trigger/indicator

Eclipse EN

StoneL Eclipse

attach quickly and conveniently to standard VDI/VDE 3845 (Namur) actuator accessory mounting pads. The Eclipse is available in two enclosure options; the EN and the EG. The EN leverages nonincendive wiring with integral wire termination area making it suitable for all hazardous areas. The EG option is a general purpose enclosure with completely sealed micro-connector wiring.

The Quartz is a versatile platform that can adapt to a wide variety of valve systems for a wide range of environments. With less than 5” clearance requirement, the Quartz boldly displays valve positon and encloses electrical components in an explosionproof compartment .The QX enclosure provides an explosionproof, water tight and corrosion-resistant enclosure approved for use in Div. 1/Zone 1 hazardous areas. The QN is nonincendive and approved for all div.2/zone 2 hazardous environments with proximity sensors using a clear cover.  The QG is a general purpose version featuring a clear Lexan® cover with mechanical switches.


The StoneL Quartz series is durable, corrosion-resistant, and versatile.

Linear Applications
Prism PI
The Prism PI integrates an advanced position sensing system and integral pneumatic control for sanitary diaphragms and other linear applications. The Prism series offers the ultimate in ease of set-up, reliability and consistent performance.


StoneL Prism Topworks

The PI offers precision feedback for valve stroke lengths varying from 0.13” up to 2.6”. Options include three cover heights; the low profile version with no visual indicator and a medium or tall cover version both with a visual indicator.

To conclude, StoneL offers a wide variety of valve switch tops with a compact and efficient footprint suitable for many environments. Whether you use a ¼ turn pneumatically actuated valve or linear diaphragm valves, contact a Holland Sales Engineer today to find the right valve control top for you.