Serving the Biopharmaceutical Industry: Holland’s Quattroflow Pumps

April 3, 2013

The biopharmaceutical industry is growing and changing almost by the hour. In order to keep the breakthroughs flowing freely, companies need to sink massive research budgets into each new project.  So, there is very little room for waste or inefficient equipment. That is one main reason Holland’s Quattroflow Pumps are so in demand. Our pumps feature four piston-diaphragm technologies, no mechanical seals, and a high level of cleanability. Another big plus of the Quattroflow is its versatility. It is equally effective in multiuse/permanent applications as it is in increasingly popular single-use applications. Single-use pumps are attractive to the biotech world because they eliminate cleaning and maintenance. They do this by utilizing plastic bag pumps instead of tanks, and plastic tubing instead of steel.

Quattroflow pumps are also fantastic at transferring shear sensitive media and biological products in a sterile and efficient way, so they are perfect for vaccines and other pharmaceutical-related products.

Some of the other benefits of Holland’s Quattroflow Pumps include:

  • Low levels of heat transference to products being processed
  • Low shear and pulsation compared to Peristaltic and air operating pumps
  • Low noise output and less overall energy required to operate and peak performance

All three models of the Quattroflow (150, 1200, and 4400) are an outstanding solution for all your biopharmaceutical pump needs. To learn more about how our Quattroflow pumps work or to see if one would be perfect for you, please contact us today.