Universal Twin Screw Pump- The “Can-Do” Twin Screw

September 14, 2018

In today’s post, we wanted to focus on one Waukesha Cherry Burrell’s newest products- the Universal Twin Screw pump.

Twin screw pump technology has been around a long time, but only recently has this technology been used in sanitary pump applications. When properly applied, twin screw technology can offer compelling advantages over other types of sanitary PD pumps.

One of the first differences you’ll notice between twin screw pumps and traditional rotary lobe pumps is the axial motion twin screw pumps use to convey product through the screws. This axial type movement of product allows operation with low NPSH and virtually pulse free pumping. And by adjusting the pitch of the pump screws, twin screw pumps enable very low shear pumping and can handle solids much more gently than rotary lobe pumps

The axial pumping motion of the Waukesha Universal Twin Screw pump also enables the pumps to be run at much higher speeds- up to 3500 RPM. Higher speeds mean greater turndown, giving users the ability to use the Waukesh


The Universal Twin Screw Pump

a Universal Twin Screw pump as both a product AND CIP pump. Twin screw pumps can also handle large amounts of entrained air, making them ideal for pumping out of tanks following cleaning.

Users of Waukesha Cherry Burrell brand pumps have for years benefited from the reliability and consistency their products are known for. The Universal Twin Screw pump is no exception and runs with the same reliability Waukesha is known for, quickly making it the Universal Twin Screw the “Can Do” Twin Screw.

The Universal Twin Screw takes the reliability of twin screw pumping technology to the next level by incorporating non-galling Alloy 88 screws to run with tighter tolerances and through incidental contact by reducing the risk of damage in the event screws make contact with the pump body. Large diameter 17-4 shafts have greater strength than standard stainless steel shafts, helping to reduce vibration and extend seal life. And the 316L product contact body and cover and 304SS gear case allow the Universal Twin Screw to perform in even the most demanding conditions.

One common complaint we’ve heard at Holland about twin screw pumps over the years has been high cost of spares and low levels of support once the pumps have been deployed. Waukesha twin screw pumps are manufactured in Delevan, WI and available through the same industry leading distribution channels that have serviced and supported the high purity process industry for years. Our sales engineers have extensive twin screw experience with most brands of twin screw technology and Factory Certified Holland Service technicians are ready to service any of your twin screw pump needs.
So if you have questions about twin screw pumps or any sanitary positive displacement pump, contact a Holland Sales Engineer today.Cutaway_with_captions_uid5302017503172.jpg