Waukesha Single Seat Valves- An Overview of an Industry Leader

August 6, 2014
Picture of a Waukesha W60 Series Valve Manifold We Fabricated in our Shop

A Waukesha W60 Series Valve Manifold We Fabricated in our Shop

Throughout the past 10 months, we’ve dedicated many posts and countless hours to conveying the advantages the Waukesha Universal series of positive displacement pumps have over other brands in the hygienic market. Today’s post will focus on another best in class product offered by Waukesha Cherry Burrell- the W60/80 line of seat valves and 5 specific benefits they offer over the competition.

First and foremost, all Waukesha valves are designed specifically for the sanitary and high purity market. Waukesha valves are cleanable, featuring 316L wetted parts, minimal cracks and crevices, free draining in multiple positions are 3A and FDA compliant, as well as EHDGE tested. They have options for surface finish upgrades (all the way to 15 Ra w/ EP), as well as a variety of stem seals and seat options to allow for optimal performance in applications with particulate that can challenge valve cleaning. MTRs are also an available option.

The next staple of Waukesha seat valves are heavy duty construction. All bodies are machined from bar with thick walls and laser welded ports. Valve stems are ¾” of an inch and feature multiple bearing support. This rugged design allows Waukesha valves to perform at pressures up to 1220 psi through the use of heavy duty clamps and high pressure adapters.

Waukesha valves are also flexible and have a modular design. The WCB valve line offers a variety of body and port orientations to match up with sometime complicated piping designs. Bodies are usually one piece or two piece clamped. The standard body MOC is 316L, but AL6XN is all available for application with extremely corrosive products. Custom port lengths and center to center bodies are also available to allow drop in replacement of legacy series valves such as Tri-Clover and Sudmo valves.

Continually, the major valve components- the body, stem, adapter, and actuators- are modular in design and all for quick and easy assembly and maintenance. There are a variety of actuators compatible with all Waukesha W60 valves, ranging from fully maintainable to maintenance free actuators. A complete line of control tops is offered as well, including the low cost APV CU4 and the industry leading Burkert 8681- see one of our previous post for more information relating to the Waukesha control top offerings.

All of these benefits- hygienic design, robust construction, and modularity and flexibility- endow all Waukesha seat valve with an exceptionally low total cost of ownership. Their heavy duty design maximizes service life. Waukesha’s extensive distribution network allows for regular preventive maintenance and immediate end user support, while part commonality reduces stocking requirements. The valves modular design results in several multi-use parts and easy training for new operators, again minimizing spare part stocking requirements.

Finally, all Waukesha seat valves are manufactured and supported domestically. Waukesha seat valves are made in Delevan, Wisconsin. They’re so close to us at Holland Applied that we pick up our orders at the factory twice a week. This proximity has allowed Holland and SPX to build a value-added distributor relationship through face-to-face representation and training. At Holland, we are able turn around most spare parts orders in 24-48 hours as well as perform on-site repairs and maintenance. This cohesive relationship between manufacturer and distributor goes a long way to minimizing total cost of ownership for the end user.

So for your next seat valve application, we strongly encourage you to consider Waukesha. At Holland, we can work with you to identify and size the right valve technology and specifications for your application- we do this every day. Contact a Holland Sales Engineer today for more information.