Waukesha Universal Series PD Pump Notes- QR Codes, SPX Connect, & Training Videos

February 15, 2016

Waukesha Universal Series PD Pump Notes- QR Codes, SPX Connect, & Training Videos

Waukesha U2 Pumps Mounted on Polished Round Tube Bases

Waukesha Universal 2 Sanitary PD Pumps

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that one of our favorite products to help our business partners with are Waukesha sanitary centrifugal and positive displacement pumps. Waukesha, the longtime leader is sanitary pumping technology, continues to innovate, offering new features and services to further enhance an already proven product platform. In today’s short post, we’ll highlight a few new things SPX is offering, including where you can find maintenance videos and the new SPX Connect smartphone application.

End users- We have a question for you- have you ever had a piece of equipment you are unfamiliar with go down and everyone looks to you to get it back up and running so production can continue? Most of us know the feeling. We don’t have much choice but to dive in, flip through the product manuals, and speak with customer service representatives or applications engineers. Manuals are often vague or unclear, sometimes you don’t even know if it’s the right one. And even though at Holland we’re all trained to help our customer’s troubleshoot basic PD pump problems, sometimes it can be difficult to communicate. We just can’t always see what you see.

Wouldn’t it be helpful if there videos that showed Universal 1 and Universal 2 pump assembly and disassembly? Fortunately for you, SPX offers helpful YouTube videos that detail everything from gear case assembly, shimming, seal replacement, and bearing housing maintenance. The links to these videos can be found on our website as well on SPX’s YouTube page- just search “SPX Corporation”, or click the link below:

The second program we’d like to highlight is SPX’s new SPX Connect smart phone app and QR codes. If you’ve purchased a new Waukesha PD pump or Ecopure seal-less centrifugal pump, you might have noticed a QR code on the pump name tag. This QR code isn’t some fancy tool to track pump casings through Kanban flows. Rather the QR codes are a full functioning tool end users can leverage to prevent downtime and give you 24/7 access to the information you need to get your pump back up and running.

Using the free SPX Connect smartphone app, anyone can scan the QR code and identify basic information about their pump, including model, displacement, maximum pressure, and maximum speed. The app can also be used to access pump literature, manuals, and the service videos we talked about earlier in the post. All of this information can easily be shared with colleagues directly from the app. The app allows you to select from a list of common parts and services to submit quote requests and even saves a history of all the pumps you’ve searched, allowing you to quickly retrieve accurate information about what could be any one of a dozen pumps throughout a facility.

So there are a quick couple of tools you can use the next time you have questions about your Waukehsa PD pumps. Have a question you can’t answer in one of the videos or the SPX connect app? If so, a Holland Sales engineer would be happy to help you out.