What are the Keys to Success to a Sanitary Skid Design/Build Project? Design Review Meetings

October 24, 2013
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This is the third in a series of articles we are posting on Thursdays that will outline the keys to a successful Engineered Sanitary Skid and Modular Systems project.  We will draw on our past experiences and lessons learned from numerous successful projects in the biopharmaceutical industry.  Our topic today deals with what makes for good design review meetings

What Makes a Successful Design Review Meeting?

  1. Have pre-defined objectives on what you want to accomplish in the meeting.
  2. Set aside enough time to have a thorough review.
  3. Limit the number of people from both sides in the meeting.  Normally, anyone who sits in on a meeting at some point is going to want to voice their opinion.  Often, too many viewpoints can start taking the project off on a different tangents.
  4. Have the attendees sit through the entire session.   Meetings where people are continually coming and going can often become chaotic and often result in having to go over the same issues multiple times.
  5. Have clear leaders on both the client and supplier side. Many viewpoints are normally expressed in design review meetings and there needs to be leadership on both sides to provide clarity and a path forward.
  6. Any changes and decisions made during the meeting should be well documented.
  7. A successful meeting should end with a well-defined lists of tasks.  Each task should be assigned to a specific person and a firm time line established on the tasks expected completion.

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