Holland’s Sanitary Metering and Batching Systems- Turnkey Solutions that Bridge the Distribution/Modular Process System Gap

April 3, 2014
Holland Sanitary Metering System Using a Waukesha PD Pump, Anderson IZMAG Meter, BC104 Batch Controller and an AC Tech Vector Drive Unit

Holland Sanitary Metering System Using a Waukesha PD Pump, Anderson IZMAG Meter, BC104 Batch Controller and an AC Tech Vector Drive Unit

While in previous posts we discussed specific products or aspects of process, this post will focus on the incorporation of all of these ideas, products, and considerations to develop a turnkey product that achieves a very specific goal.
To begin, a metering, batching, or dosing system is any combination of sanitary process components that allows users to move a predetermined amount of product from point A to B. In these systems, fluid transfer is automated to improve both accuracy and precision. Systems require the coordination of flow meters, load cells, pumps, and valves in order to achieve the stated goal.

A lot of companies have entire groups dedicated to development, design, and construction of systems. We even do, in fact. But what we’ve found in our over 60 years of sanitary process experience is that many of these projects are not quite at the scale in which they need to be handled by an A/E firm. All they require is a group with extensive process knowledge and experience and a wide-ranging product portfolio.

There are also a lot of companies that handle huge product portfolios and could probably sell you each individual component, but lack the technical expertise and process knowledge to size, incorporate, and apply all of the products together. They also might not have the design and fabrication experience required. Developing a system like this requires more than just plugging in a part number and getting price and availability. Often times, pieces of auxiliary equipment, such as jacketed fittings, filters, RTDs, pressure gauges, CIP bypass loops, turbidity meters, conductivity meters, and level switches will need to be incorporated into the system to monitor and control process variables. These each need to be designed, sized and properly selected to ensure functionality. Most distributors just do not have the resources to do this.

If you’ve been following our blog, hopefully you can tell we are one of the few companies who are uniquely positioned to offer the turnkey solutions discussed above. Our previous blogs, which reflect our process experiences and core competencies, have focused on all of the following:

Selecting the right pump for your application

  • Rheology and applied fluid analysis
  • Valve selection criteria
  • Flow measurement and flow meter types, including both mass and volume measurements
  • Single Use process systems and product portfolio
  • Custom fabrication and design
  • Electric and Automation products and considerations

A good system will incorporate all of those elements to build a system that achieves a very specific goal. Some specific goals we have experience with and will specifically focus on include:

Batching and pump timing applications

  • Dosing applications- specifically as it applies to caustic and CIP solution make up
  • Multiple ingredient addition, both by weight and by volume
  • Fill finish applications and applications that utilize entirely disposable fluid paths and process monitoring
  • Metering systems
  • Pilot scale mixing, tempering, and scrape surface heat exchange systems

In the coming days, Holland will release a new Sanitary Batch and Metering system application data sheet that will help guide users through some of the things they should be thinking about and considering before attacking a new system. But for now, ask yourself the following questions when evaluating the cost/benefit of a turn key solution:

Do you have a new application or product you’re working to further characterize and develop?

  • Do you have continual improvement or process optimization projects you haven’t gotten around to because they seemed daunting?
  • Is this project too big for you to handle internally and you don’t have the budget to hire a third party A/E firm or systems integrator to do design and install?
  • Are you looking to transition to a completely disposable process solution, including process variable measurement, pumping, and flow?
  • Do you have experience in one discipline, but are lacking expertise in other areas required to achieve your stated goal?

If you answered, “Yes!” to one of more of those questions, contact Holland today. We have been actively developing and designing turnkey process solutions for over 60 years. As this blog attempts to convey, turnkey system development is an area of intense interest for us. In the coming days and weeks we will be putting out more information on this subject including application data sheets, questionnaires, and tool kits. In the meantime, don’t delay, contact Holland today.