Product Focus- Quattroflow 1200 “Compact” Pump

March 31, 2015
Quattroflow QF1200CV Pump

Quattroflow QF1200CV Pump

In today’s blog, we’re going to revisit a product we’ve focused on in the past- the Quattroflow quaternary diaphragm pump. The Quattroflow series of pumps is one of our newer products offerings that continues to innovate, offering our biopharmaceutical customers scalability, flexibility, and performance that traditional product offerings can’t match.  As Quattroflow gains larger market acceptance, they have continued to push the envelope to meet customer demands and bring new products to market. Today we’ll take a look at their latest product offering- a compact version of their popular QF 1200.

For some time now, the Quattroflow pump has been available in the 150, 1200, 4400, 5050, and 20K sizes, with all but the 20K being offered with both stainless and single use heads. The smallest of these sizes, the 150 is offered with an integrated drive and controller standard. This small footprint and wide turndown makes the 150 perfect for lab and low flow applications.

When we scale up to the QF1200, however, the Quattroflow 1200 has traditionally been offered with separate pump and control boxes. The 3 phase, 0.5 HP motor meant that we needed to use a variable frequency drive to achieve the wide ranging turndown the Quattroflow is known for. While this is an effective solution, it meant we would need two enclosures- one for the pump and one for the VFD. This relatively large footprint presented challenges when mounting the QF1200 to a skid or when trying to make room for it on an already crowded lab bench.

To solve this problem, we are now excited to offer the Quattroflow 1200CV. Similar to the QF150, the QF1200CV combines controller, motor, and pump into an all-in-one unit that is perfect for customers with a tight space requirement. The compact version of the QF1200 uses a brushless DC motor that is similar to one used in the QF150 and affords use the same range, turndown, and low pulsation the Quattroflow pump is known for.

Currently offered with a single phase, 220V motor, the QF1200CV is available with an optional 0-5V DC input for speed control (which can be easily scaled to a 4-20 milliamp input). The QF1200CV is available with standard ¾” TC stainless and single use heads. Single use heads are available in both a machined polypropylene as well as an injection molded polyethylene. The polypropylene chamber is ideal for high temperature and SIP applications, while the molded head is economical and ideal for applications where the chamber will be gamma irradiated and disposed of following a campaign. All soft parts for both the single and multiuse heads are fully characterized, made of USP Class VI materials with extractable and leachable reports available.

To conclude, the QF1200CV adds another option and flexibility to one of the most scalable positive displacement pump technologies on the market. If you have questions about your next biopharmaceutical application or to see if the Quattroflow line of pumps is right for you, contact a Holland Sales Engineer today.